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Just another ‘Theory of Everything’?

A Review of Peter Wilberg’s book ‘The QUALIA Revolution’

 by Andrew Gara

 Nowadays, books appear all the time which promise or offer us a new Theory of Everything. Usually these deal with ‘quantum physics’ - abstruse theories of energetic fields, ‘strings’ and ‘quanta’. The Qualia Revolution is also a ‘Theory of Everything’. But unlike these other books, its basis is not the mathematical physics of ‘quantised’ energy but our everyday qualitative experience of things. What makes it truly revolutionary is that it raises a fundamental question that ALL theories of EVERYTHING have previously ignored – what actually is a THING – ANY THING? To answer this question Peter Wilberg first reminds us that the most fundamental scientific ‘fact’ of all time is not the existence of a universe of things but our own subjective awareness of those things.  

We are such stuff as dreams are made on.  



The truly original and profound insight on which THE QUALIA REVOLUTION is founded is that ‘consciousness’ or ‘awareness’ is not like a mirror or blank sheet on which we register our perceptions of things and their sensory qualities. Instead awareness has its own sensed but immaterial substantiality – it is the very “stuff” of which we and all things are made. Awareness also has its own innate sensual qualities or QUALIA. Examples of qualia  are the felt ‘light’ and ‘darkness’, ‘colour’ or ‘tone’,‘levity’ or ‘gravity’, ‘expansivenes’ or ‘density’ of our moods - and of our inwardly sensed body.  

Matter is the bounded outwardness of energy.

Awareness is its unbounded inwardness. 

Peter Wilberg


The Qualia Revolution explains why EVERYTHING  we experience around us, the entire outer universe of bodies in space-time is NOT ultimately an expression of quantitative energy fields and energy units – so-called QUANTA - but of qualitative fields and units of awareness - QUALIA. For anyone with an interest in a new and totally original philosophy of science, in the physics and physiology of consciousness, in phenomenology and phenomenological  science, or in theosophy and spiritual science, this book is a must - as it is to those familiar with the alternative scientific philosophies of Seth / Jane Roberts, Rudolf Steiner, Eugene Gendlin, Karl Marx, Edmund Husserl and Martin Heidegger.

What Peter Wilberg calls Cosmic Qualia Science looks set to be the science of the new millennium, a unified field theory uniting sciences as diverse as physics and psychology, cosmology and semiotics, genetics and linguistics. For it shows how even the most abstract scientific MODELS of the outer physical universe are essentially no more than METAPHORS of an inner psychical universe - a sensual universe of soul and of soul qualities. This inner psychical universe is one whose countless dimensions each of us can inwardly explore and research in great detail and with great precision, even without the use of physical instruments. Yet through our own direct experience of QUALIA we can shed new light on EVERYTHING, experiencing the aware inwardness or ‘soul’ of each and every ‘THING’ in the outer physical universe itself. 

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