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A Foundation Meditation


1.   Take time to be aware of all there is to be aware of both within and around you – impulses, sensations, emotions and thoughts within you; the air, light, objects and space around you.


2.   Attend particularly to your wordless, bodily awareness of all these things - where and how you sense them with and within your body. For example, be aware of the inner voice you hear speaking thoughts in your head, of the inner ear with which you hear them, and different sensual textures and qualities of your bodily self-awareness.


3.   Concentrate on sensing where you feel particular mental states, moods or emotions with and within your body and HOW you feel them with your body - not as mental-emotional states but as purely sensual textures and qualities of your bodily self-experience.


4.   Remind yourself that the awareness of an object, sensation, emotion or thought is not itself an object, sensation, emotion or thought - that it is innately free of all objects, sensations, emotions and thoughts. For awareness as such is both inseparable and absolutely distinct from all we are aware of.


5.   With this mantra or reminder in mind do not identify with anything in particular that you are aware of - but rather with the simple, pure awareness of it. Feel how this pure awareness embraces and transcends everything you are aware of – in just the same way that the space around you embraces and yet transcend every thing within it.


6.   Sense the very space, light air around you as a pure space, light and air OF awareness – one that permeates every atom and cell of your body and pervades the physical space around it. Sense yourself breathing in the pure space, light and air of awareness through every pore of your skin and into a hollow space in your diaphragm – the heart of the divine awareness within you. 


7.   Sense your whole body and self as a reflection of the space around it – of the pure space, light and air of awareness itself.  Remind yourself that this is the divine source of your being, your body and of everything and everyone you are aware of with and around you. Thus experiencing your body and self as an expression of the divine awareness you unite or ‘join’ with it – the meaning of ‘yoga’ and the aim of yoga meditation.